I plan to close this website in early 2018. The Crescent City Lynchings Facebook page, however, will remain, should anyone wish to contact me.

The Crescent City Lynchings is presently out of print. Hardcover copies, signed or unsigned, are available postpaid for $20. Please email me for details.

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"In The Crescent City Lynchings, Tom Smith offers the best treatment yet produced of the controversial trial that precipitated that event"
~ New Orleans Times-Picayune

Other books & writing ~

This volume from Facts On File's 10-book Discovery & Exploration series covers the dawning years of the "Columbian Exchange," when encounters between European and Native American societies began to change world history. The series is designed for middle school and older readers. A shorter revised edition for grades 5-8 was published by Chelsea House in 2009.
I also wrote "Muslim Travelers of the Middle Ages" for EXPLORATION IN THE WORLD OF THE MIDDLE AGES 500-1500 in the same series.

contributing writer ~
The Sleepy Lagoon case, Gregorio Cortez, Beulah Mae Donald, Robert Johnson's estate, the Bakersfield Sound, passenger pigeons & more

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Japanese American internees, The Bayou Maharajah, the Tan Canary, the Straw Bear, The Dirty Dozen, Fess, Stevie Ray & more

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New Orleans - who cares?