ADVOCATE newpapers 1978-1987
Associate writer and columnist. All of the following appeared in the New Haven and/​or Fairfield Advocate newspapers unless otherwise noted. Photos provided for stories as noted.
"A Jinx On the Neighborhood?" 6/​ 10/​81 and "Rules of the Rock Game," 6/​17/​81. Two-part series on Connecticut rock scene from the 1950s to 1981. Interviews with NRBQ's Al Anderson, Michael Bolotin [Bolton], Simms Bros., Five Satins' Bobby Mapp, et al
"Artspark." New Haven Artspark events. 10/​10/​84
"Bearing Witness."Celebrating Straw Bear Tuesday in Whittlesey, England. [pseudonym Eddie Grundy]. 2/​15/​84
"Be My Valentine." Valentine's Day history. 2/​9/​87 Ffd.
"Children's Video For Everybody," 1/​26/​83; Imagicom puppet video productions
"Cowboy Hats & Gold Neck Chains: Can C&W Cut Into the Disco Domain?" New Haven "Urban cowboy" clubs. 7/​15/​81.
"Elm City Rockers." Music business interviews (radio, studio owners, musicians). 9/​5/​84
"Empty Theaters." CT historic theaters. 1/​19/​84
"Good for What Ales You." English brewing. [pseudonym Eddie Grundy]
"Growing Pains of New Haven New Wave." 9/​10/​80.
"Hard Times & Hot Licks." New Orleans music scene. 12/​6/​78
"James Carroll Booker III." Memorial to New Orleans pianist. 2/​15/​84
"John Lennon 1940-1980 - For Peace & Rock'n'Roll." Posthumous tribute. 12/​17/​80
"London's Other Music Scene." Diz Watson and roots rock in London. 8/​22/​84
"Memories of Jazz City." Eddie Buster and Dickie Meyers on 1950s New Haven jazz scene. 11/​3/​82
"Mr. Magic." Profile of magician Tom Prete. 2/​16/​83
"MTV -- Watch That Tune." Cover story all CT editions 10/​27/​82; also cover of Sweet Potato (Maine edition), December 8-22, 1982 as "MTV - Music Television."
“Murder Most Foul.” Jennie Cramer murder. Cover story. 7/​18/​84
"Peaceful Women." 6/​8/​83. Interview with Greenham Common protesters.
"Performance Space." 9/​18/​85
"Personal Justice Denied: An American Family Remembers" and "Relocation and Redress." Japanese-Americans and WWII "relocation camps." 11/​16/​83
"Professor Longhair 1918-1980 -- The Bach of Rock Makes His Best (and Last) Record." Posthumous tribute. 2/​27/​80
"Rabbit Tales." Rabbits in popular mythology, folklore, etc. 3/​30/​83
"Rile Brittania." England's Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Easter 1983 demonstration. 6/​8/​83, with photos
"Rounder's Crescent City Masters." Rounder Records comes to Louisiana, interviews. 3/​2/​87
"Send In the Clones!" Clone-rock bands. 3/​11/​81, N.H. & Ffd..
"Swinging on the Green." The Swing Era and 1st Annual New Haven Jazz Festival (summer 1982). 7/​12/​82
"The First Thing Smokin': Riding the Depression Era Rails With John Santagata." 8/​15/​84
"The Good Times Roll On," 1982 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. 5/​26/​82, with photos
"The Phantom of the Harbor." New Haven ghost ship. 9/​5/​84
“The Radio Referee.” Radio talk show host Mark Davis profile. 9/​4/​85
"The Trouble Is Not In Your Set," Cable programming, interview with producer of cable version of "The Paper Chase." 3/​16/​83
"Wide World of Jazz." Cover story, Wesleyan University jazz & world music symposium. 8/​18/​86

Feature Interviews [musicians]:
Adams, Johnny. "The Tan Canary From New Orleans." 7/​25/​84
Battlefield Band. "Heart From the Highlands." 3/​14/​84
Carla Bley, "Carla Bley Plays It Straight - Almost." 3/​9/​85, New Haven cover story, also ran Ffd.
Chance, James. " Punk-Funk Fusion," (interviews with Chance, Lounge Lizard John Lurie, etc) 5/​21/​80
Davis, Anthony. "A Talk With Composer Anthony Davis." 6/​23/​82
Dirty Dozen Brass Band. "Crescent City Gumbo." 11/​3/​86
Dr. Demento & Weird Al Yankovic, "The Doctor Is Out," 7/​27/​83
Eddie & Bobby Buster. "The Jazz Brothers." 7/​30/​80
Cabin Fever. "Cabin In The Country," 7/​29/​81
Eight to the Bar. "Between Detroit and 1940." 9/​1/​82; "Talent To Burn." 1/​23/​85
Ely, Joe. "Joe Ely's Rocking Country," 6/​10/​81
Gang of Four. "View From the Left," 7/​28/​82; also ran as "View From the Left" in Sweet Potato (Maine edition) 9/​11/​82, photos provided
Good Rats. "Rating the Rats." 1/​21/​81
Juluka. "Juluka's Remarkable Journey." 11/​23/​83
Mikata. "Mikata's Afro-Caribbean Funk." 3/​4/​85
Mission of Burma, "Mission of Burma Goes Independent." 7/​22/​81
Monroe, Bill. "Down Home Pickin'." 8/​11/​86
Morrow, Buddy. "The Musical Witness of Buddy Morrow," 7/​6/​83
Olderman, Jayne. "Pop, Swing, Rock - With A Bounce." 6/​19/​78
Poodle Boys. "Pizza With the Poodle Boys," 3/​26/​80
Roomful of Blues, "Opening New Doors," 7/​13/​83, also ran Hftd.
Ruff, Willie. "The Peking Jam: Willie Ruff Brings Jazz To China." 9/​23/​81
Stankus, Tom. "Recorded Live," 3/​23/​83
Thompson, Richard. "Late Harvest," 9/​29/​82, photo provided
Troia & Grier. "Two From the Heart." 5/​2/​84
Vaughan, Stevie Ray. "Take A Chance On Steve." 1/​21/​83; also as "Return of the Guitar Slinger" in Sweet Potato.

"Preserving An American Tradition." William Zinsser's Willie and Dwike. 11/​21/​84
"Roadies." Travel writing by William Least Heat Moon, Jonathan Raban, Joe McGinnis. 6/​15/​83. also ran Htfd.
Roots of American Music." Peter Guralnick's Lost Highway, 11/​17/​80
"Sound of Soul." Peter Guralnick interview and review of Sweet Soul Music. 9/​15/​86
"This Other Eden." English public reaction to Paul Theroux's Kingdom By the Sea. 7/​25/​84
"Wailing Stories." Bob Marley biographies by Timothy White and Stephen Davis. Advocate all editions 3/​14/​84; also as "Bob Marley: Separating the Man From the Myth" in 4/​25/​84 in Syracuse New Times.
"When Rock Was Young." Charles White's Little Richard, Nick Tosches and Penny Stallings books on rock'n'roll. 3/​27/​85

"Nightclubbing," a bi-weekly preview of upcoming events and news about local musicians in the Ncw Haven area. Written from inception of the column in December 1981 until August 1983. Also various seasonal entertainment supplements and record reviews.

Concert Reviews:
Ade, King Sunny. "Juju King" 2/​16/​83
Black Uhuru. "Music of Freedom." 8/​18/​82
The Cars. "Time For A Tune-up." 11/​26/​80
Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers. "The Big Man's His Own Boss." 1/​14/​81
Five Satins and other New Haven doo-wop groups
Jackson, Joe. "His Heart Belongs To Cole." 1/​15/​82
Jeffreys, Garland & The Rumour. "Escape Artist Trapped By Hype." 5/​6/​81
The Originals. "Not Nostalgia. Just Classic Rock'n'Roll." 8/​12/​81; members of
Pickett, Wilson. "The Midnight Mover Still Sends Off Sparks." 10/​15/​80
Santana. "Santana's Meditation Dance." 6/​9/​81
George Thorogood. "Drop Kicking the Basic Blues." 11/​20/​80, photo provided
The Waitresses. "Keeping the Orders Straight and The Customers Satisfied." 2/​24/​82
Waits, Tom. "Waits Against the Yahoos." 1/​3/​80
The Who. "More Than Survivors." 12/​26/​79

CT LIFE ("The Monthly Publication For the 50+ Generation") Monthly, Connecticut statewide. 1993-1999:

It's Who You Know [column, interview profiles]:
Bharara, Manny. Sikh Sangat general secretary. December 1998
Brown, Paul. Jazz bassist. January 1999
Colman, Hila. Children's author. summer 1998
Florey, Ken. Political campaign collector. November 1998
Herrmann, Eleanor. UConn nurses museum. October 1998
Hird, Elizabeth. Outer Island - McKinney Refuge donor. January 1998
Katz, Mike. CT World Gym founder. May 1998
Leask, Phoebe. Event planner. April 1998
Norton, Stretch. Lake Compounce manager. June 1998

21 Facts About [column]:
Abel, Alan. Prankster/​musician. summer 1997 (interview)
Bloom, Harold. Literary critic. January 1997
Caldwell, Marilyn. Artist. September 1997 (interview)
Newman, Paul. Actor. May 1997
Smyrl, David Langston. "Sesame Street" actor. March 1997 (interview)
St. James, Susan. Actress. June 1997
Stern, Michael and Jane. Authors. April 1997 (interview)

Feature stories:
"Hanging On To Your Driver's License." (feature) March 1993
"It's Never Too Late To Make It." Success stories after 50 (feature), May 1999
"Jazz In June." (record reviews) June 1997
"Old Country Is New Again." (record reviews) September 1999
"Saint Nick Revisited." Santa Claus interview (humor), December 1997
"Soul Survivors." (cover story: Jackie McLean, George Baker, Laco Deczi, Jessie "Wild Bill" Austin), July 1993
"The Trouble With Transportation." (feature) March 1994.
"Three Ladies of Jazz." (cover story, female CT jazz singers) July 1994

NEW TIMES CONNECTICUT - weekly newspaper, New Haven CT, 1991-1992
"4690: Year of the Monkey." Life & Style cover story on Chinese New Year, 1/​23/​92
"Dome Improvements: Drugs, Plugs and Rugs - A Hair Piece." Life & Style cover story on baldness, 2/​20/​92
"Grounded In Reality." Cheshire, bedding plant capital of CT, 12/​19/​91

RECORD ROUNDUP - monthly magazine, Cambridge MA.
Record reviews, 1984-1994. Particularly New Orleans, conjunto, Cajun, blues, and "world music" releases.

FEATURES, various publications, 1977-1989:
"A Day in the Life of Rock and Roll." Spin. [contributing writer]
"A Piece of Fluff: All You'll Ever Need To Know About Bunnies." New Haven and Hartford magazines, April 1983.
"Birding." New Haven and Hartford magazines, August 1983.
"In Memoriam: Charlie Donnelly." Modern Drummer, November 2007
"James Booker." Living Blues, Spring 1984. Obituary and tribute.
"New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival." What's New, Spring 1978.
"NRBQ - Unfazed By the Worst Interruptions." What's New, Spring 1978. Feature interview.
"Sleepy LaBeef." What's New, Winter 1977. Feature interview.
"Zydeco, Gumbo, Crawdaddies, and Junkanoo." Sweet Potato (Maine edition), June 22-July 6, 1983. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

"New Roads native George Baker a soul guitarist, teacher." CTLife editorial & profile reprinted by Pointe Coupee Banner, Pointe Coupee LA August 26, 1993.

University of Connecticut Center For Continuing Studies - Synergy quarterly. Freelance public relations writer since 2008. feature writer, Cheshire CT. Freelance contributor since 2010.