"In The Crescent City Lynchings, Tom Smith offers the best treatment yet produced of the controversial trial that precipitated that event"
~ New Orleans Times-Picayune

~ Reviews ~

"New Orleans has more myths than most cities, and still, the truth is sometimes more astounding than the myth. . . . A rich, insightful slice of Americana" ~ Booklist

"Smith's skill with dialogue lends a real vividness to this account, and his evocation of the city is captivating as he describes the years before jazz, when pianists kept playing the same tired Stephen Foster tunes, and electricity was an uncertain innovation. . . . . An engaging account that may well strike a chord with those who now think of New Orleans as a city torn apart" ~ Kirkus Reviews

"Digs deep into the Big Easy's murky past to uncover the underlying connections between the compromised police force, the battling Italian dockworkers' syndicates and the city's corrupt political factions that made New Orleans' legal system ineffective in the simplest of cases. . . . Smith is able to bring a local and timely flavor to his otherwise straightforward account of Hennessy's life, the murder and its spiderweb of repercussions. The sensational nature of the case certainly lends itself to conspiracy theories, but Smith stays unbiased, allowing his readers to use the facts to come to their own conclusions" ~ Publishers Weekly

"Bloodbath In New Orleans," Waterbury CT REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN, 1/​16/​07

THE DAILY ADVERTISER, Lafayette LA 1/​14/​07 review